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MPH term 1!

I was pretty lucky to have done my first term as MPH instead of MD. To be honest, there is a lot to get used to and the schedule is pretty laxed compared to med school. So I had some time to acclimate and adjust to life on the island that usually isnt there for incoming med students. I’ve was able to do a decent amount of exploring this semester, meet some great people, learn to scuba dive, do some tours, all the good stuff! Without trying to give the impression that all I did was have fun and everything was awesome (it was not, I was literally robbed at machete point once this term), upper term MD/MPH folks basically advised that we took advantage of this time because we probably wouldn’t be able to do these kinds of things when “real” med school starts. In one word I’d say this term was fun. Probably most importantly, I learned I’m fucking awful at limbo.

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First 2 weeks down!

So, I’m starting my 3rd week and I’m getting a decent feel for classes. Not too many people, probably about 30. Much more DVM/MPH people than MD/MPH, and 4 people with MDs that came back to do the MPH. Things are completely different for me than my roommates, who are both in term 1 of their MD program. Haven’t seen too much of them since class started. MPH classes are much less stressful than medical school, and the focus is much different. In my case, the pace is pretty fast, as we’re covering 15 credits in 12 weeks. So midterms for me are actually not too far off…

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Resturants/bars and other things!

So I’m sure you’re wondering, but David, where do I find alcohol when I need to? Glad you asked. So done a little more exploring, heres some things I’ve found that are relitively nearby campus. A few big differences for going out down here. First, alcohol is really cheap. You can have a pretty good night on $60 EC or about $22. On top of that, the mixed drinks are much stronger than I’m used to in the states. They are very generous with the rum. And as far as the resturants go, yes there are menus but they run out of things regularly. So just have a few ideas in mind if they end up not having something.

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I'm starting my first year of med school at St. George's University. I'm going to post about my experience through the program and life on the island as much as I can. Stay tuned!

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