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Resturants/bars and other things!

So I’m sure you’re wondering, but David, where do I find alcohol when I need to? Glad you asked. So done a little more exploring, heres some things I’ve found that are relitively nearby campus. A few big differences for going out down here. First, alcohol is really cheap. You can have a pretty good night on $60 EC or about $22. On top of that, the mixed drinks are much stronger than I’m used to in the states. They are very generous with the rum. And as far as the resturants go, yes there are menus but they run out of things regularly. So just have a few ideas in mind if they end up not having something.

Things do happen much more slowly here so be patient, I’ve also found sometimes it helps to give them cash before asking for a drink. Also, hookahs here are really common and you can get them at a lot of places you wouldn’t expect. Many bars i’ve been to so far sell them. The locals are also very friendly and love to chat!

  1. Bananas – This is the nightclub everyone around campus goes to. To be honest, it can be pretty busy, especially before term starts. Their big days are on tuesdays and thursdays, where they basically do a bogo on drinks. They have games like beer pong and stuff like that going on, do a google search and you’ll see what I mean. It’s pretty big and open, but the first time I was there it took over an hour to get a drink. I’d expect during the term when you should be studying it’s much more laid back. Get a rum punch here.
  2. The Brew – The brew was much more my style, in that you could actually get a drink pretty quick. It’s a lot more chill but still a little crazy (in a good way). It is called the brew for a reason though! They have really good locally brewed beers on tap and have live music sometimes. They have a pool table and right next to the bar there is another smaller bar that does salsa dancing on thursday nights.
    IMG_3827 2
    Found a dog here! So you know it’s good.
  3. Greek kitchen – I love this place, they have your usual greek stuff and they do pretty good pizza too. Did I mention they have hookahs? And are right next to the entrance on campus?
  4. Glovers – Glovers is right on campus and so far they are my favorite. They’re named after a small island off the cost that you can see from Modica, and do grilled meat, pulled pork, as well as salads and wraps.
  5. Container Park – This place is pretty cool. It’s about a 5 minute walk from campus, and is kind of what the name suggests-it’s a bunch of small resturants and bars that are built in to shipping containers. You can get tacos, burgers, italian, salads, and a few other things as well as pretty good drinks there. To top it off there is a small grocery store right in there where you can by a lot of necesities. They also have fishbowls.
  6. Dodgy Dock – This place is a about a 15 minute walk (yes you can take a bus for this but I like walking) from campus, and seems a bit more formal/upscale. It sits right on the ocean overlooking campus, and you can sit down to eat too. The Margaritas are really good here, and so are the Pina Coladas. They had live music when I was there.
  7. Taxis – I’m learning the importance of having a guy for this. Generally you want to find a taxi driver and stick with him. They will keep giving you cheaper rides the longer you use them and they get to know you. I’m noticing that this is kind of part of a wider rule, so be kind to whoever you’re dealing with!images.jpeg

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