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To Grenada!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little bit, lots of things have happened! We’re officially married as of August 5th! It was an amazing day and the fish from our unity ceromony (we mixed two koi fish together) survived the plunge too so I feel like that’s a good sign. They now happily swim in our livingroom while taunting our cat.




We shipped off to Las Vegas for a little honey moon adventure. Got to see some cool shows like Jeff Dunham, Criss Angle, Piff the Magic Dragon (I got to hold Mr. Piffles!), and got some R&R in. The trip was a ton of fun and honestly I can’t wait to get back over there because morning drinking isn’t really frowned upon…plus there’s so much more to see. I left with a heavy heart and a slight gambling addiction, so I guess I’m a pretty typical “went to Vegas” story.




But I was sad not because how bad I am at Roulette, but because I knew that meant I had to get on a flight to Grenada. It’s something my new wife and I have talked about a bit and we determined we’d support eachothers dreams, even if that meant we’d be seperated for a while…as when I was at Georgetown. But the fact that it was happening already was hitting me, I mean we just got married and now we have to spend the next 2.5 years apart!

It’s officially my 4th day down here and I think I can safely say I’m pretty much settled in living situation-wise, although I’m still adjusting and have no idea where anything is yet aside from the main buildings and a few resturaunts. I’ll be posting with some more pictures of the campus and my room in a little bit now that I actually have some down time.




As far as the trip went, it had it’s ups and downs. I do know that taking a direct flight to Grenada (NOT through Port of Spain) is worth it even though it costs more. My first flight took me to Newark with just enough time to get on my flight to POS. However, United overbooked their flight again..we all know what that means.




I was ready to fight for my life, and then they upgraded me to first class when some people decided to do a layover.

Hm, what a pleasnt turn of events I thought. I went from literally the last seat to the very first seat. I’d never flown 1st class before so it was a treat. I probably had just about a bottle of wine and what felt like a gormet meal. It almost made up for the next part of the flight, which took us through POS flying Caribbean Airlines.




We arrived in POS at about 2:00 AM and had to go through imigration, customs, grab our bags, then go back in through customs/TSA and recheck our bags. It took a while. And we were all told conflicting things about how many checked bags we could take on the flight. Some people were denied taking 2 checked bags, and many like myself only brought 1 and were told we could have brought another checked bag. When I called to ask earlier I got some wishy-washy answers about this because of the embargo period, and didn’t want to risk losing a bag, so I just took the one. Stuffed to the brim of course.

Then we waited until about 8:00 to get on the short 40 minute flight to Grenada. But overall it sounds like flying directly from JFK or Miami is the best bet, lesson learned. Stay away from POS if you can. It’s not worth it.

When we got into Grenada getting through customs was so much easier than I thought it would be. The whole process of immigration/customs/getting bags probably took 5-10 mins. It was super easy, just as long as you had your acceptance and immigration letters you were golden.

There was a person from SGU that met us at the airport and got us on a taxi to the campus (yes, they paid for this part thankfuly). It was a short 10 minute ride, and from there it was pretty easy. I grabbed my room keys and promply dived into bed because I didn’t sleep during the layover at the POS airport.




This is what I’ve learned about Grenada so far. Island time is noticable even though I’ve only been here a short time. There are a LOT of goats on the island, and a bunch of them hang around campus, which is pretty sweet if you ask me! We’re in rainy season so it pours hard off and on, although it’s not too crazy hot. Its been pretty comfortable so far and the dorm rooms and classrooms are on the colder side. I’m wearing a hoodie right now in one of the study areas if that says anything. But ouside it’s pretty nice.




Cash is definately king around here. I’m finding it’s best to just pull out some EC role with that. There is an ATM on campus and the EC is pegged to the US dollar- $1 USD=$2.7 EC. So some things are actually pretty cheap. I got a new SIM card and plenty of data for about $10 USD, and most people pay around $10-20 USD/mo for that. Food I’ve had at resturuants has been pretty good and inexpensive, probably comparable to what you would expect in the US. Drinks on the other hand are surprisingly cheap. I haven’t fully explored the grocery situation yet so I’ll update on that when I do.

Aside from that, I’m still learning the ropes of this place and getting used to life on the island. I’m missing home but begining to love if here. I’ve met some pretty cool people, joined some clubs like the Neuroscience Society and Public Health club, and done most of the normal orientation things. I’ll be doing just public health courses this semester, which is a short 12 weeks, so I’ll let you guys know how it goes. In January I start term 1 for MD and May I do my second term for MPH. Pretty excited to get going, classes start Monday!


Have some goats. More on this later.



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I'm starting my first year of med school at St. George's University. I'm going to post about my experience through the program and life on the island as much as I can. Stay tuned!