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Where to get things

Things have been moving pretty fast so far. Have been learning my way around Grenada a little. So far as living goes, heres a short list of were to get things near campus.

  1. Fish guy – comes and catches fish right behind my dorm building, where the dock is. Pretty cheap and convenient! They come by everyday around 1. I’ve heard the fish at the fish market in town is a better deal but I haven’t gone there yet (but will soon).
  2. Of course, the eggman. Not a bad deal and now I can get omlets. He comes on tuesdays but you got to get there early.
    Hot tip: It doesn’t come with a top so run as quick as you can while weaving in and out of traffic
  3. IGA – pretty popular shopping place at the spiceland mall. They have most American type brands that your used to and a short bus ride from campus. The bus will drop you off right at the mall and pick you up there too. Theres also a lot of other little shops in the mall, including a hardware store where you can find kitchen and appliance stuff (although they are really expensive for the most part).
    This is actually behind the mall, there’s a lot more mountains here than I was expecting.
  4. Various fruitstands – There are a ton of fruit stands around and are all very cheap and super fresh. Things are in season right now so I’m not sure how regular this will be, and what they have varies a lot from day to day. Usually though, I get all of my fresh veggies and fruits from these kind of stands. My favorite is nearby the container park/options, which is about a 10 minute walk from campus. She has a lot of stuff and has some awesome juices too.Fruit-Stand-in-Grenada-700x933 (1).jpg
  5. Campus vendors – during lunchtime especially there are local bakeries and people that sell fresh veggies and fruits. Also some various food places that set up near David Brown hall. They are still pretty cheap and convenient, but I’ve found that the fruits/veggies are a little cheaper off campus.
This is the stuff to get! Good on everything

All in all, you can survive here on a budget when it comes to food, especially if you look for things that come from the island. Anything that was made locally will be pretty cheap. For example I got a bag of potatoes, tomatos, a cucumber, 2 mangos, an avocado, fresh guava juice, and onions from a fruit vendor for about $15 USD. So I’ve been on the lookout for things like that, locally made chips, bread, tortillas, cheese, even Ting, which is kind of their version of sprite. Most normal things like that you can find here and are pretty affordable!





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